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Kevin Dougherty, the Singing Seabee, is honored to share his gift of music and he appreciates your support! 

He brings all the equipment he needs and will work with you to make your ceremony or event truly memorable. 

There are several considerations in setting fees, such as distance to travel, day of the week, and length of time performing.

Please call for specific pricing information:

Within 25 miles of Wakefield MA:

Single Song Performances:

National Anthem 100.00*

*20% Discount for Veteran and Active Duty events.

MC and Event Background Music 

Up to three hour event: 200.00

(Can include getting that favorite family member up to the mic!) 

Concert up to 90 minutes: 200.00

(Discount for 3 or more booked in advance). 

Beyond 25 miles of Wakefield MA:

    (Please call to confirm).               

Master of Ceremonies with sound system and music as needed!
National Anthem and other event music, can include sound system as needed.
Ask about adding flowers to a Singing Salute for a memorable way to honor someone special!
What is a better honor than a patriotic song?  Here the Singing Seabee accepted the challenge to surprise Army Veteran Keith with flowers and a song -- a gift from his colleages! 
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